Family Type of Love; Intro

“Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” 1 John 3:18

   What a week! I had taken off a few days of work to spend some time with family. It was a wonderful way to kick off summer. I spent some time with one of my sons for his birthday, spent some time at the in laws, learned to play Kubb, well learned what it takes to play Kubb, and ate way too much. I LOVE being able to spend time with family. It is very important to me. As I watched my kids interact with some of their cousins, the bonding over board games and yard games my wife and I were able to have with her siblings, her mom, and step dad, I saw a reflection. A reflection of one another, and how those reflections are extensions of each other. If you stop to think about it, and I mean truly think about it, we are so much stronger together because of what we gain while together; all these reflections built upon each other that truly make up who we are as a family. Yes, we share many things, and some could very well be unhealthy habits, but what about the healthy habits, the connection between the individuals, the connections between the whole, the building of relationship, the building of strength and confidence. A strength and confidence that each one of us stores in side of us. As we part from family and head back to our norm we have a new or re-strengthened hope knowing that they were, are, and will be there for each other. That feeling of being bigger or “more” than you are alone. Is it strength and confidence, or more of a peace that we receive knowing we have a family? Now, all family’s have different relationships. My relationship with my in-laws is different then my relationship with my own family, my other relations, or even my household. But, even if different, there is one thing still the same whether we admit it, see it, or deny it, and that is, we ALL are looking for a family type of love, believers and non-believers alike. A family to strengthen us or bring peace to our every day. What type of love accepts a person for who they truly are? Family love is more accepting than other types of earthly love. Family is love. It was put on our hearts by God. Christ Jesus is the author of our love. Love is reciprocal… love begets love. “We love because he first loved us.” I John 4:19. In return our love should be genuine, unfeigned. We should not love merely in word, neither in tongue, but indeed and truth; not in saying, but in doing; not in profession, but in practice. (I John 3:18) So, I believe that this is a great place to start, a family type of love, as we move forward in learning how and what it means to be truly Living. As I begin to unpack what this looks and feels like, I hope it brings you some encouragement, insight, or even a new view or perspective. I hope you decide to come back next week, check it out, and perhaps stick around after that and see how all this turns out.

To be continued…

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