Family Type of Love: Part Two

Now let’s explore that Agape difference.

I had a wonderful meeting this week with my good friend Paul. Coffee-cup-chaosIn case you are not sure what a “meeting” truly means, in my family circle, it consists of as follows: coffee, fellowship, coffee, food, encouragement, and growth, truly sharing life with a good friend… with someone I consider family.

   This Storge type of love is not, by any means, a new concept. But when poured into by God’s Agape love for His people, it can be a life changing transformation. Sign-loveNow, if I had this Storge love thing totally figured out, I probably would be writing a book rather than a simple blog about “Living life together”. Just tossing that out there. However, I also truly believe that by sharing, which is part of living life together, we can build relationships into family and learn how to better show the world this type of love and understanding. So, this is why I share with you. So together we can learn to build on God’s family.

   Now I have presented in a previous blog reflections of individuals from our family in things “we” do, or things “they” do. I would like to break that down a little for you. When I look at my kids, even though someone once said, a time or two, that they look like me, I don’t see much of that physical resemblance. I also would wager that is probably a good thing. However, when I step back and watch them participate in life, watching how their brains are functioning by the expressions on their face, or even the way they interact at times with other individuals around them, I immediately see myself in my children. To the point it is almost scary. That same reflection happens when I spend time with my brothers and sisters, or my cousins for that matter. Now, the really neat thing is the way I began to see that happening in and with my step children. How is that even POSSIBLE!? I can only gather that as a family we share ourselves so much, to the point of mimicking that which we see and experience.


   The world is so desperate for family love. It is in constant search for something… other earthly loves, that we as humans stumble onto as we are seeking that family love. And because of earthly sins, earthly “loves” get obscured and unfortunately at times we get lost in them. I am speaking of Phileo and Eros. Neither Phileo love nor Eros love shape the world as much as Storge love. Phileo is weak because it is super critical of change. Phileo is the love of the soul. It is easy love and affection, it is bent towards our natural tastes and preferences. Therefore, Phileo is flawed because it is in our nature to eliminate the areas and causes of unhappiness. Change is a weakness to a relationship when based on Phileo love. The critical change in the relationship causes it to break.

   The problem with Eros is that it can sometimes be irrational. It can be destructive when pursued without considering the consequences. Eros can be fleeting. Physical pleasures don’t last forever. We all age. Our emotions change over time. There is something impermanent about Eros. The strength of Eros is its weakness. It gives everything it has with great intensity, but it also expects that kind of return. It gives all but wants all. Total return is expected from persons, possessions, goals, or the beauty is lost.

We’ll continue to explore even more next week…

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