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How Do You Walk?

   Have you ever sat on a bench or in a corner and watched people as they walked by? Now, I don’t recommend being creepy about it as you might cause a stir. But, perhaps in the past, at the coffee shop, or by chance while waiting for someone else. Each person with their own... Continue Reading →

Missing In Action

Missing In Action So, it has been quite crazy the past few weeks. I apologize for missing in action. I had hurt myself at work (my right hand; two fingers) and it made it really, really, hard to type with all the bandaging and with final papers due for school. Most of my free time... Continue Reading →

Family Type of Love: Part Two

Now let’s explore that Agape difference. I had a wonderful meeting this week with my good friend Paul. In case you are not sure what a “meeting” truly means, in my family circle, it consists of as follows: coffee, fellowship, coffee, food, encouragement, and growth, truly sharing life with a good friend… with someone I... Continue Reading →

Family Type of Love: Part One

   I want to start out by saying… stating… explaining… that we were never meant to do this, life, on our own. I for one am so very grateful for that. I tried that a time or two and no matter what tools one believes they have, to try and build that type of life,... Continue Reading →

Family Type of Love; Intro

“Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” 1 John 3:18    What a week! I had taken off a few days of work to spend some time with family. It was a wonderful way to kick off summer. I spent some time with one of my sons... Continue Reading →

The Bearded Story-

Bearded By Grace is not just for the bearded manly man, a husband, or a dad. Bearded By Grace is for everyone. Mothers, daughters, grandparents, fathers, sons, all of God’s people. As I journey to a better understanding of what it means to be Living for the Lord, I hope to be an encouragement to... Continue Reading →

Recharge and Refresh

Good afternoon, or whatever time it happens to be when you read this. I hope you are having, or had, a blessed Saturday. I just wanted to share with you that tomorrow is my favorite day of the week. I feel at times the week(s) gets long, and I always look forward to Sundays, so... Continue Reading →

Common Ground and Grace

This morning, after I dropped the kids off at school, I had a moment. I was headed back home, on one of the back roads that has a few industrial buildings, and I had to stop for a semi backing into a loading area. I must have arrived just as he had started as I... Continue Reading →

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