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Prayer Requests

Dear gracious Heavenly Father, I pray that together we can find comfort in each other and in your mercy and grace. Lord, I ask for courage, for myself and others reading this blog, to be able to lay down our hearts and burdens. Lord, we know that prayer works and that you are listening. Please give us encouragement and a place to lift one another up, Amen.


As we begin living,  we are going to need prayer, encouragement, grace, hope, and love. Please feel free to ask for prayer and give encouragement.

Keep Going!


One thought on “Prayer Requests

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  1. Prayer request; 6/4
    As of Monday I have started up another 8 week chunk of school. Please pray for me, my family, and for my responsibilities as a employee, father, and husband, for my studies and growth in my relationship with God.

    Christopher Z.

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